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LG releases new gaming bundle

LG releases new gaming bundle  第1张

LG Electronics Australia (LG) hasannounceda new gamingproductbundle whichincludes theLGUltraGear 32GP850gaming monitor andUltraGearGP9 gamingspeaker, available for a limited time.

The LG UltraGear 32GP850 monitor features including high speed response times, HDR10 colour and AMD FreeSync technology as well as G-SYNC compatibility. Bundled with the LG UltraGear GP9 gaming speaker, users will benefit from high resolution audio with customisable EQ sound, 3D gaming sound, Voice Chat technology and up to five hours battery life. 

“Our latest bundle offer is built withsound and displayfeatures designed specifically for the avid gamer.Ranging from HDR10colourtechnology, NVIDIAG-SYNCcompatibility, 3D gaming sound and voice chat technology, we’re sure that this bundle is set to enhance the gaming experience,”LG Electronics Australia head of B2B marketing (business solutions), Brad Reed said.

“Combiningleading LGUltraGeargamingproducts in this new bundle is a clear example of our dedication toproviding Australians with the very besttechnologies to amplify their gaming experiences.”

The LG UltraGear monitor combines high speed and picture quality with Nano IPS 1ms (Grey to Grey) response time technology to deliver speed and exceptional graphics. The Grey-to-Grey technology also minimises reverse ghosting.

Additionally, with HDR10 colour technology, Australian’s will be able to view colours of the game as the developers intended for realistic visual immersion and faster gaming experiences.

Adding to this, the monitor also boasts refresh rates of 165 Hz/180 Hz combined with AMD FreeSync technology that reduces tearing and stuttering and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility to synchronise refresh rates. The narrow bezel design is complemented by an adjustable stand to tilt, raise, lower and pivot the monitor to find a preferred viewing position. 

LG releases new gaming bundle  第2张

With up to five hours ofbuilt-in battery life, the GP9 speaker is designed to amplify theLGgaming experience with high-qualitysound.

The LGUltraGearGamingspeakerwill tailorgameplay audio according to various gaming genres. By using a special head related transfer function algorithm, the speaker creates virtual surround sound, without the restriction of wearing a headset, suiting both first-person shooter and real-time strategy gaming.

Sound technology isalsoenhanced with the integration of Clear Voice Chat technology to communicate without a headset. With just a tap on the speaker microphone button, the Clear Voice algorithm is activated for users to discuss tactics with teammates. Unique to the LG GP9 is a customised EQsound feature for a sound-filed EQ specifically tuned for gaming.